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Community Learning Centres

Learning in the Community

听It can be daunting taking a step back into education so, at Lutube视频, our friendly team will ensure you have a positive learning journey. Whether you鈥檙e a new learner or a returning learner, our accessible programmes will boost your confidence, help you to develop skills for employment, and support you to get a qualification.听Community Learning at Lutube视频 is delivered on behalf of Lutube视频 Council and contributes towards the Lutube视频 Vision Plan 2030.

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Delivered across three Community Learning Centres in the Lutube视频 area (Farnworth, Halliwell and Deane & Derby), and at our main College campus, our Adult and Community Learning programmes fall into five categories: 听

  1. Skills for Work & Further Learning:
    Programmes to help you gain employment, get ahead at work or move on to further learning. You鈥檒l be spoilt for choice, with everything from Sign Language to Office Skills.

  2. Positive Steps into Learning:
    Programmes to improve your wellbeing, from Cookery to Confidence Building.

  3. Computer & Digital Skills:
    Everyday life is increasingly reliant on computers and digital media. If you feel like you鈥檙e behind the times, our Computer, IT and Digital programmes will bring you into the modern age, improving your IT skills at home and at work.

  4. English & Maths
    English and maths skills are essential for succeeding in employment or further study. Our FREE taster programmes will help you to brush up on those vital skills.

  5. Family Learning
    Our FREE programmes ensure that you鈥檒l always have the answer when your little one puts you on the spot. Even better, you鈥檒l get to work alongside your child at school, so you鈥檒l see what they really get up to in the classroom.

Lutube视频 Vision

Lutube视频 Vision is a local partnership that brings together senior leaders from the voluntary, communityand faith sector, the private sector, the university, college and schools, health, emergency services and the council.

The partnership launched Lutube视频 2030 in 2017.听

Read our vision below.

We are all #Team Lutube视频

Interested? Please click on the Community Centres below to find out more about our latest courses.