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If you'd like to apply for a course starting now (the 2023-2024 academic year), please contact our Admissions Team by emailing听听- our team will be able to inform you about the availability of courses in our various curriculum areas.

Get into career mode with Electrical

Can you see yourself as a future Electrical Engineer?

Electrician, Electrical Engineer, Building Services Engineer - just three possible careers a qualification in Electrical will lead you towards.听

Industry-trained tutors with a wealth of experience will teach you all you need to know, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in this field. If a job in Electrics sparks your听interest, we鈥檒l prepare you for an听exciting career! You could learn:

鈥⑻Use of Hand Tools
鈥⑻Basic Principles of Electrical
鈥⑻Electrical Installations Technology
鈥⑻Principles of Electrical Science
鈥⑻Basic Practical Tools
鈥⑻Wiring Systems
鈥⑻Circuit Systems
鈥⑻Renewable Technologies